On Ordinary Days in Berlin (2014)

Writing An Ordinary Evening in New Haven

Hands circling around, into words

Of the sameness of things

Seen and unseen

When voices from CAR rose

Was what I heard

A tune in my mind —

As from the fiddle in blue

Its handle on high —

The dissent a passing sound

A descent to divert, turn down

Reading on ordinary days in Berlin

News composed of words, lines,

These difficult shapes

I select and distort, colour

In my tin plate

And loaf of bread

With hands that move

From what I choose to restore

A fiction of my truth

In a letter for those who now hold

A part of me I have enclosed

A fuzzy remembrance remains

Flat, folded for an interior

Made exterior, new words

Now shapes of news to replay

Exhibited at:

Open Studio: Magdalen Chua

Artist-in-Residence at Studio Haegue Yang

Schönleinstrasse 15A, 10967 Berlin

9-11 April 2014

Please Hold (2013); ring file, handmade objects from secondhand shirts, and paper; variable dimensions
Please hold (2014), reproduction of sent envelope
Please hold - open (2014)
Seeking soulmate (2014); papier-mâché, socks, and paper; variable dimensions
Seeking soulmate (2014), reproduction of sent envelope
Seeking soulmate - open (2014)
Spotted (2014); soap and paper; variable dimensions
Spotted (2014) - reproduction of sent envelope
Spotted - open (2014)
My Garang is Gone (2014); plasticine and teddy bear from an English center for refugees; variable dimensions
My Garang is Gone (2014), reproduction of sent envelope
My Garang is Gone - open (2014)
Tie-died truth (2014), reproduction of sent envelope
Tie-died truth - open (2014)
MCC Kool (2014), reproduction of sent envelope
MCC Kool - open (2014)