Seashells Lite (2017) & Seashells Fly (2017)

My father dreamt that I made a seashell lamp
SeashellsA print by Ian Hamilton Finlay with Ian Procktor of boat hullsAnchored in me as mortar shells
Those ballistic shellsDeafening out the baying howlsInflatable boats, light boatsRetractable boats, rickety boatsSinking boatsBodies floatBloat
The lite of shells seen will prevent you from hanging and crashing
The SystemRunning on a Gynoid-less wisdom
A charging of might is liteBut robotic or notYour body is still a battleground
Over, aboveRowing and wadingStreak in mortal washesThat taint, fade, degrade, manray
Flee your shells, flyThe run is reaching the raceWhere crisp purple furry lives reign

Exhibited at:Stěpán Beránek, Magdalen Chua, Tadasuke Jinno — New WorksRaum.Weisz, Leipzig5 - 19 March 2017
Seashells Lite (2017), linen and shellac, 88 x 70 x 12 cm
Seashells Lite (2017) – detail
Seashells Fly (2017); linen, ink, watercolor pastels and shellac; dimensions variable
Seashells Fly (2017) – detail
Seashells Fly (2017) – installation view