This series considers how the nature of dreams—as an experience of images across time—can be turned into a creative process. Responding to the presentation of the project on Instagram with its array of images, each piece begins from the grid format of images generated by the #superimposition in Instagram's search tool. By folding the grid, the linear sequence is disrupted and the images reassembled, layered, and altered, like a dream, into a single composition. Words from the captions of the Instagram posts of the source images become the material for a subjective interpretation running in parallel to these fragmented visual narratives.

Made as part of a collaborative project, Superimposition.



A Basil Forest Played over Five Chords by the Pink Lady (2022)

Watercolour pastel, oil, and rice paste on tracing paper

33 x 32 x 5 cm

Pining for forests

in the Argentine nocturne.

The relative four

shift from summer to freeze.

Cycling recipes

to echo the rain.

Playing to balconies

day after day.

An SOS of a Rankling Tooth (2022)

Watercolour pastel, oil, and rice paste on tracing paper

34 x 33 x 5 cm

In this helpless statement

the dog and things

are freed

from liberty;

the all-consuming wildfires in my landscape

burning the queen

of my chess pieces and cheese.

Remote Nightcare (2022)

Colour pencil and rice paste on tracing paper

20 x 26 x 8 cm

Constrained by the logic

of my sweet valentine

we find our knowledge of self

in a daycare center

where the algorithm of harmony

implants a hyperurania

of harmony and symmetry


in a big glass of coffee.

Graham's Internal Weather (2022)

Colour pencil, marker, and rice paste on tracing paper

56 x 18 x 9 cm

The practical vocation of objects

is to evoke an objection.

No super IMO position!

When all the pixels are in place

No happy happening!

To end the pestering pain.

The resistance perfumed full-on in darkness of pure synthetic goo.

Comic Awakenings (2022)

Colour pencil, marker, watercolour pastel, and rice paste on tracing paper

25 x 56 x 27 cm

In the underpass of

valleys and hills

Rinsed in the sunrise

Spinning 8000 metres

above the pleasure dome.