Uncommon Sense (2011), installation view

Curator of

Uncommon Sense (2011)

studio 41, Glasgow

16 - 20 September 2011

Uncommon Sense explored the sense of belonging and exclusion that binds past, present, and imagined communities. The exhibition was developed around discussions with Sarah Hunter.

The exhibition presented collaborative work by Ben Dunn and Sarah Hunter based on conversations they had with a group of service users at Budhill Day Care Centre; a mural and comic book by Kirsty McFadyen on sectarianism; and a textile and sound piece by Alys Owen and myself on whaling as a site of identity and conflict.

Ben Dunn & Sarah Hunter, Where There’s A Crowd, There’s Community, mixed media installation (2011). Image by Lin Chau.
Kirsty McFadyen, We Are All Neil Lennon, Comic Book (2011)
Magdalen Chua & Alys Owen, In the Belly, fabric and sound installation (2011)