The Heat is On

Frozen (2019)

Ink on paper, 30 x 40 cm

Melted (2019)

Ink on cotton cord, 20 x 39 x 6 cm

Soaked (2019)

Ink on paper, 60 x 70 cm

This work began by considering how a net functions as a structure to demonstrate the connections in everyday life. Inspired by the net as a holder as well as a filter, indicating both a presence and an absence, this works reflects on connections that are often unseen but lead to visible outcomes. The installation is the outcome of an action performed in private, where I froze colored water, placed the ice cubes in a suspended handmade net, and allowed the melting ice to drip onto a piece of paper.

A print, an object, and a painting document these actions. The print, Frozen, was made by coloured ice cubes resting on a sheet of paper. The net, Melted, records the state of the ice cubes melting. The painting, Soaked, is the result of the melting ice cubes dripping onto a piece of paper and soaking it.

This work was largely informed by environmental changes and specifically, the melting ice caps. While we might not see the ice caps melting before our eyes, we can tell the effects of it and can connect the consequences to paint a picture of what is happening.

Frozen (2019), ink on paper, 30 x 40 cm
Melted (2019), ink on cotton cord, 20 x 39 x 6 cm
Soaked (2019), ink on paper, 60 x 70 cm