Sun Light (2021) & Heatwave (2022)

As part of an ongoing conversation with Joo Choon Lin on the energies that propel a multiplicity of patterns and life forms in the universe, a pair of text pieces in eight editions were made for her Artist Book that she produced for her project The Cold Purity of Mathematic Love/Trust Equations: {¢arbonHz[¢x(HOH)y]Ω1.618-\+ Flower of ¢ФnsciФusness [HEARTBEAT] Breaths [In/out] }.

Sun Light is a colour-pencil frottage of its title. The editions depict compositions of the Sun and the Moon, interpreting their relationship as a variable one marked by unions, separations, and adjustments. The Sun takes the form of a circle, bisected by an “s”, while curved lines on each half indicate either an “n” or a “u”, depending on one’s point of view. These halves divert to form different arrangements with the word “light”, which arcs like a crescent.

Heatwave is an ink work that bears the energy of its title to convey the mutable nature of life. In the first stage of the work, letters of frozen ink were laid out in waves on paper. Though made from the same mould, the letters for the different editions melted and spread beyond their original shape in an array of intensities.

Sun Light (2021)

Colour pencil on paper, 15 x 22 cm each

Heatwave (2022)

Ink on paper, 15 x 22 cm each