Scrapbook of a Marxist Conspirator (2011)

A project starting from a scrapbook and leading to actions and works.

This scrapbook began as a way to understand the truth behind the detainment of a group of young activists in Singapore in 1987. I took on the role of one of the activists and researched archives and a book she wrote. Inserting myself in place of her in reproduced research and archival documents, I wrote diary entries imagining my life as she did.

After some time, I felt that by seeking to re-trace history, I was ironically erasing her out of what I had captured. I decided to continue the scrapbook as one based on my own life, where I document events or incidents where my decisions and interactions coincide with this so-called "Marxist Conspiracy". Examples include a workshop I conducted on the function of silence in history (Totalkunst, Edinburgh, 2011) and a performance with Gwenan Davies and Berit Talpsepp about the diversions of Marxism (Mutual Assembly, Glasgow, 2011).

Exhibited at:

The Mutual Assembly

with a performance, Diversions (with Gwenan Davies & Berit Talpsepp)

Miller Street, Glasgow

April 2011

Workshop at:


Totalkunst, Edinburgh

August 2011

Curated by David Berridge (VerySmallKitchen) and Mirja Koponen (Totalkunst Gallery)

Workshop conducted at I AM NOT A POET’s Summer School of Silence (August 2011)
Diversions at The Mutual Assembly (2011)