The Friend (2014-2016)

32 photographs of 20 x 30 cm each and installation of envelopes.

This work is an attempt to physically experience friendship, and begins from the transcription of Giorgio Agamben's essay, “The Friend” (2009) on the interiors of envelopes containing letters to family and friends.

The text becomes progressively fragmented, as the words become objects disassociated from meaning, with a gradual exploration of the physicality of writing/printing/typing using handmade inks and printing systems.

Each envelope is documented within the environments I live or work in, starting from Yokohama, Japan to Leipzig, Germany. The documentation of 32 photographs is installed alongside the interiors of selected envelopes that I have received.

Exhibited at:

Gute Stube

Spinnereirundgang Winter 2016, Leipzig

16 January 2016